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Professional Gutter Cleaning Services by The Gutter Guys LLC

Did you know that Kansas City averages 41 inches of rain each year? Professionally installed and maintained gutters help protect your roof, siding, foundation and landscaping. Gutters should be properly cleaned and maintained to prevent flooding and damage to your property. The Gutter Guys are ready to help you protect your home against damage due to poorly maintained gutters.

Gutter Cleaning

In need of gutter cleaning in the Kansas City and surrounding area? Our gutter cleaning specialists are ready to help. Regular gutter cleaning will help prevent buildup of debris and protect the structural integrity of your gutters. The Gutter Guys are ready to remove debris from your gutters and downspouts to allow water to flow freely through the channels. Our job isn’t done until we are certain that water flows correctly to avoid any further damage to your home.

Upgrade to a Gutter Guard

After cleaning their home’s gutters, many homeowners find that the job of removing the debris and material jamming the gutters and downspouts is gross and potentially hazardous. There is no reason to put yourself or a loved one in harms way EVER AGAIN. The Gutter Guys have industry leading gutter guards to protect you and your home against unwanted damage or harm. Let one of our specialists guide you through the simple process of upgrading your gutters to be better protected and maintenance free.

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Why You Need Clean Gutters

Gutters and downspouts control the natural flow of rainwater runoff from your roof and direct it away from your home. One of the key reasons to ensuring your gutters stay clean is to prevent rotting wood. Rainwater runoff will fill up and overflow a clogged gutter causing the water to soak the wood and rot it out. Not only do clogged gutters cause wood rot but also impact the soil at the base of your home causing erosion or create standing water which will attract insects

Protect Your Foundation

When rainwater begins to overflow your gutters in an uneven pattern, the soil surrounding the foundation of your home will become oversaturated. Due to this, the soil expands unevenly which begins to buckle and crack the foundation of your home. Foundation damage can be costly and time consuming especially when it arrises from a problem that has such a simple solution. Be sure to keep your gutters in proper working condition and free of any debris.

Never Clean Gutters Again

Cleaning gutters is a task that often gets pushed aside on the To-Do list until there is some type of damage or unavoidable problem. Get peace of mind knowing that your gutters are protected from debris with one of our many gutter protection solutions.

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Industry Leaders in Gutter Protection

Dave Senne
Dave Senne
i got bids from several other gutter suppliers that were double what I paid to Gutter Guys. The Gutter guys were wonderful to work with and did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing gutters.
jeff worthington
jeff worthington
By far the most attentive and punctual company that I have delt with in quite a while. Nathan rocks, quote was right what I was hoping for; I'm a penny pincher. Installation looks great, no mess left behind, I'm a Happy customer!
Sara Taylor
Sara Taylor
We had a great experience with this company. From the first call to obtain an estimate, Nathan provided us exceptional customer service. They arrived on time, kept us informed and provided us honest options for repairs that could be made or replacement costs for our gutters. We chose to go with replacing the gutters due to the outstanding pricing and prompt response time that The Gutter Guys provided us. This company is exactly what you would ask for in a local company, honest, hardworking people that are friendly, and genuinely care about the quality of work and product that they have their name tied to. 5 Stars and HIGHLY recommend!
Bill Gross
Bill Gross
Nathan Bowman from Gutter Guys was very good to work with, he was professional, accommodating, and complete in his assessments and work on our gutters. No issues. I would recommend this firm for anyone needing gutter leaf and stick protection.
Austin Felich
Austin Felich
had a handful of gutter companies come out for potential new gutter installation. the gutter guys advised that new gutters were absolutely not necessary and that they just needed to be cleaned. they cleaned them for a very fair price. will be using them for future cleanings.

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The Gutter Guys is a full-service gutter company operating in Kansas City and surrounding areas. We take pride in helping our community enjoy their homes while protecting them from unexpected weather damage. Contact us today for your estimate.

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