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Professional Gutter Protection Services by The Gutter Guys LLC

The Gutters Guys are proud to bring you industry leading Gutter Protection products for your home. Our company has been a leader in home improvement services for almost 20 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems with long lasting solutions from our skilled technicians and quality products. MasterShield, Klean Gutter or Micro Max should be considered for any home looking to have a permanent solution for degrading and damaged gutters.


Revolutionary patented micromesh developed to eliminate oils and organisms that are displaced during rainfall. These oils are virtually untraceable until they cause damage to your gutter guards over time through corrosion. With copper interlaced into the gutter guard’s micromesh, the material is fully protected from these destructive elements.

Patented Self Cleaning Properties

MasterShield’s micromesh is engineered to pull water in and keep debris out of your gutters. With angled installation, there won’t be water overflowing your gutters. Embedded in the technology of MasterShield, there are touchpoints placed under the filter which allows it to be self-cleaning. Each interlocking panel will be protected by MasterShield’s revolutionary advancements.
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Klean Gutter

A premium gutter guard system made with 100% metal improves durability while giving you the high functioning properties of a professional grade gutter guard. Klean Gutter’s patented downward channel sucks in water alleviating the chance for overflow. With the guard’s interlocking panels, degradation is not a problem as Klean Gutter performs during even the toughest weather conditions.

New CopperCare Filter

CopperCare micromesh combines stainless steel and pure copper to promote the reduction of organisms that would otherwise damage your gutters. Moss, algae, lichen, and other harmful bacteria will be targeted by the filter in order to provide long lasting protection. Copper is a antimicrobial material that eliminates bacteria on contact making these filters durable and safe.


The pitched design of MicroMax allows water to flow in one direction on a single path until it hits the first downward channel. The unique downward direction of the filter allows for the majority of water to filter at this initial point. For the remaining water, the downward channels and the continuous chain of checkmark patterns allow for water to collect until gravity naturally forces it down through the gutter. If there is heavy rain, the water will hit the wall of the lower downward channel and be redirected into the gutter.

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What Sets MicroMax Apart

Dave Senne
Dave Senne
i got bids from several other gutter suppliers that were double what I paid to Gutter Guys. The Gutter guys were wonderful to work with and did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing gutters.
jeff worthington
jeff worthington
By far the most attentive and punctual company that I have delt with in quite a while. Nathan rocks, quote was right what I was hoping for; I'm a penny pincher. Installation looks great, no mess left behind, I'm a Happy customer!
Sara Taylor
Sara Taylor
We had a great experience with this company. From the first call to obtain an estimate, Nathan provided us exceptional customer service. They arrived on time, kept us informed and provided us honest options for repairs that could be made or replacement costs for our gutters. We chose to go with replacing the gutters due to the outstanding pricing and prompt response time that The Gutter Guys provided us. This company is exactly what you would ask for in a local company, honest, hardworking people that are friendly, and genuinely care about the quality of work and product that they have their name tied to. 5 Stars and HIGHLY recommend!
Bill Gross
Bill Gross
Nathan Bowman from Gutter Guys was very good to work with, he was professional, accommodating, and complete in his assessments and work on our gutters. No issues. I would recommend this firm for anyone needing gutter leaf and stick protection.
Austin Felich
Austin Felich
had a handful of gutter companies come out for potential new gutter installation. the gutter guys advised that new gutters were absolutely not necessary and that they just needed to be cleaned. they cleaned them for a very fair price. will be using them for future cleanings.

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The Gutter Guys is a full-service gutter company operating in Kansas City and surrounding areas. We take pride in helping our community enjoy their homes while protecting them from unexpected weather damage. Contact us today for your estimate.

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