Keep Your Gutters Clog-Free For Good

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Forget the routine trips up the ladder to scoop out leaves, twigs, and gunk from your clogged gutters. We provide advanced leaf filter gutter protection solutions engineered to prevent everything but water from entering your gutters. The result? Low-maintenance gutter protection that not only outperforms the traditional LeafFilter systems but also lasts. 

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What Is Leaf Filter Gutter Protection, And Why Do You Need It On Your Roof?

A leaf filter gutter protection system prevents leaves, twigs, and other forms of debris from finding their way into your gutters. It lets rainwater flow freely within your gutters while keeping everything else out, preventing those dreadful clogs and the need to clean your gutters frequently.

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Leaf Filter Gutter Protection

Gutter protection systems like the popular LeafFilter use a stainless-steel micro-mesh filter to block debris, even during heavy rainfall. However, other leaf filter gutter protection systems out there are simply engineered to perform better. These include the Klean Gutter guards, which use a steel micro-mesh combined with an angled design, and the MicroMax Gutter guards, which unite a fine mesh with a sturdy frame.

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What Makes MicroMax and Klean Gutter Simply Better Than LeafFilter?

When comparing MicroMax and Klean Gutter Guards to traditional systems such as LeafFilter, the difference is clear – you get more value for money without compromising on performance with the former.

Better Water Flow

Unlike the flat LeafFilter gutter guards, MicroMax and Klean Gutter guards are angled, allowing debris to roll off the mesh for optimal water flow even during heavy rainfall.

Minimum Upkeep

Their ultra-fine mesh and angled design effectively keep debris out, reducing the need for regular cleaning and upkeep.

Lasting Protection

Thanks to their sturdy construction and durability, MicroMax and Klean Gutter Guards are made to last, protecting your home from damage for years to come.

Quick Installation

With lightweight materials and a straightforward design, MicroMax and Klean Gutter can be installed at faster turnarounds than regular LeafFilter gutter guards.

More Savings

Low maintenance and lasting protections equal more cost savings for you over the lifespan of your gutters.

Designed To Perform

MicroMax and Klean Gutter take a step beyond the simple mesh frame, allowing them to provide superior debris-blocking capabilities.

MicroMax Leaf Guard
Klean Gutter Leaf Guard
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Leaf Filter vs. Gutter Guard: What's The Difference?

A leaf filter is simply a gutter protection system that keeps leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your gutter while allowing rainwater to flow through using a fine mesh. It is a type of gutter guard, a broad term describing any system or device placed over gutters to prevent clogging. 

Other gutter guards include brush guards, known to collect small debris over time; foam guards, which quickly become saturated with debris; and reverse curve guards, whose effectiveness comes with a hefty price tag. However, most homeowners nowadays opt for MicroMax and Klean Gutter systems, offering superior performance and protection without breaking the bank.

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Leaf Filter vs. Leaf Guard: Which One Is Better For Your Home?

Leaf filter gutter protection typically has a flat, stainless steel micro-mesh screen. Although the mesh blocks debris while allowing water to flow through the mesh, the flat design may cause debris to accumulate on top, requiring occasional cleaning. On the other hand, leaf guards like MicroMax and Klean Gutter Guard have an angled mesh design that prevents debris buildup and improves water flow. The best part? They capture particles as fine as pine needles, shingle grit, and seed pods, keeping your gutters in good shape and your home protected from water damage year-round.

Smart Home Owners Are Choosing Leaf Guards Over Leaf Filters. You Should Too.

Choosing MicroMax and Klean Gutter Guards over LeafFilter means investing in a reliable leaf filter gutter protection system that saves you both money and multiple trips up the ladder to remove accumulated debris from your gutters. 

But don’t blindly take our word for it. See what homeowners say about our advanced leaf filter gutter protection systems.

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“i got bids from several other gutter suppliers that were double what I paid to Gutter Guys. The Gutter guys were wonderful to work with and did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing gutters.”

Dave Senne

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“had a handful of gutter companies come out for potential new gutter installation. the gutter guys advised that new gutters were absolutely not necessary and that they just needed to be cleaned. they cleaned them for a very fair price. will be using them …”

Austin Felich

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“We had a great experience with this company. From the first call to obtain an estimate, Nathan provided us exceptional customer service. They…”

Sara Taylor


Got Questions About Our Leaf Filter Gutter Protection Systems?

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How do I choose the right gutter protection for my home?

That depends on the main debris type your home is exposed to, weather conditions, budget, and other factors. Leaf filter gutter protection systems like MicroMax and Clean Gutter Guards are well-rounded and come at competitive prices, making them ideal for any home. Need help making the right choice? Connect with us, and we will gladly help you weigh your options obligation-free.

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Can I install MicroMax or Klean Gutter Guards myself, or do I need help from a professional?

If you are big on DIY, you'll find installing MicroMax or Klean Gutter Guards easy, thanks to their simple setup. However, like any DIY project, it's easy to mess up if you don't have experience, and even more so if you have a complex roof configuration. Moreover, working at heights is dangerous and can result in life-altering injuries. In any case, we recommend seeking the help of a professional to ensure safety, precise fitting, and optimal performance, and we at The Gutter Guys are always ready to step in.

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What makes MicroMax Gutter Guards and Klean Gutter superior to LeafFilter?

MicroMax and Klean Gutter Guards are set apart by their advanced designs. MicroMax features an ultra-fine mesh and optional angled installation for effective debris shedding. Klean Gutter, on the other hand, combines a steel micro-mesh with an angled design, ensuring clear gutters even in heavy rain. Both systems reduce maintenance needs and offer lasting performance, outperforming the traditional flat-meshed leaf filter gutter protection designs like LeafFilter.

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Do MicroMax and Klean Gutter products come with a warranty?

Absolutely! Our MicroMax and Klean Gutter Guards have conditional warranties covering material defects and performance. When you buy your advanced leaf filter gutter protection system from The Gutter Guys, you will automatically get an (Add year)-year warranty. Choose us to install your gutter guards, and we'll also throw in an installation warranty!

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Ready To Upgrade Your Home's Gutter Protection?

Contact The Gutter Guys today to discover which leaf filter gutter protection solution best suits your home and get a free quote.

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Make The Smart Choice. Choose Our Advanced Leaf Guards

Get MicroMax or Klean Gutter Guard for your home to extend the lifespan of your gutters without the need for regular cleaning. Connect with us today and protect your home at a price you can’t beat!

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